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제 품 명 : CDC Biofilm Reactor
제 조 사 : BioSurface
제품코드 : CBR90
관련자료: CDC_Operators_Manual.pdf (334,433 KB)

CDC Biofilm Reactor
The CDC Biofilm Reactor consists of eight (8) polypropylene coupon holders suspended from a UHMW-polyethylene ported lid. The coupon holders can accommodate 3 -1/2 inch (12.7 mm) diameter coupons each . The lid with coupon holders and coupons is mounted in a 1 liter glass vessel with side-arm discharge port. A liquid growth media/biocide/etc.is circulated through the vessel while mixing and shear is generated by a magnetic stir bar/vane rotated by a magnetic stir plate.

Sampling of the coupons is conducted by aseptically removing individual coupon holders with accompanying coupons (3). The coupon holder or a blank is replaced in the lid after sampling to allow the time course experiment to continue.

The coupon removed from the reactor vessel is then used for treatment evaluations, scraped to collect the biofilm sample for further study, or imaging using microscopy and image analysis.

The CDC Biofilm Reactor is autoclavable and re-useable. The total liquid volume is approximately 350 ml. A variety of coupon materials are available, including plastics, metals, and ceramics.

CDC Biofilm Reactor Specs
Reactor Volume Up to 1000ml (minimum operating volume ~400 ml)
Coupons Twenty-four polycarbonate coupons included with reactor system
Motor Magnetically driven, variable speed rotation
Eight (8) Coupon Support Rods Inserted into eight (8) access ports
Ports Three (3) chemical addition/vent ports
Dimensions 5"x 5" x 16 " H
Shipping weight 11 lbs
Reactor Materials Glass vessel, polyethylene top, polypropylene coupon supports, teflon mixing blade, stainless steel access port
Magnetic Drive Operates at 120 VAC, 60 Hz (220 VAC, 50 Hz available)
Variable Rotational Speed <100-1000 rpm
ASTM Standard (E2562-07)

CDC Biofilm Reactor Setup


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