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제 품 명 : Flow Cell Accessories
제 조 사 : BioSurface
제품코드 : FC34
관련자료: BubbleTrap.pdf (36,552 KB)

Bubble Trap
The BST bubble trap is designed to capture gas bubbles before they enter the flow cell. The bubble trap also acts as a pulse damper to reduce pulses in nutrient flow caused by peristaltic pumps.
FC 33 Single Channel Bubble Trap FC 34 Four Channel Bubble Trap
Bubble Trap Operations :
At the start of the experiment, while liquid is pumped through the bubble trap and flow cell, open the valve to provide a small reservoir of liquid in the syringe barrel (2-3 ml). Turn the valve to the off position. The liquid in the syringe barrel acts as a reservoir to take the place of the captured gas bubbles. The valve can be opened during the experiment to maintain a liquid reservoir in the syringe barrel as needed.
Typical System Set-Up
This schematic shows the simplest system set-up. In some cases a mixing chamber may be added to provide aeration, chemical addition or temperature control. For high shear flows with the BST FC 93 the flow cell may need to be positioned in a recirculating loop.

Flow Breaks - FB 50
Flow Break

The BST Flow Break is designed to prevent bacterial contamination of nutrient reservoirs from the biofilm reactor. The flow break is inserted into the nutrient supply line near the biological reactor and provides an impediment to bacterial growth upstream of the flow break. The flow break is manufactured from borosilicate glass and is completely autoclavable and re-useable.

Barbed fittings accomodate size 16 (1/8"=3.2 mm ID) tubing. Autoclavable and re-useable.


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