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제 품 명 : Coupon Evaluation Flow Cells - FC 71
제 조 사 : BioSurface
제품코드 : FC71

FC 71 Coupon Evaluation Flow Cells

The BST Model FC 71 Coupon Evaluation Flow Cell is a single channel flow cell that uses a standard microscope coverslip as a viewing window. The flow chamber on the FC 71 Flow Cell is made from either clear polycarbonate plastic or black anodized aluminum. Both material types are fully autoclavable and reuseable. Anodized aluminum provides a more rugged material to last through numerous autoclave cycles (all plastics, including polycarbonate, will eventually deteriorate with repeated autoclave cycles). The flow chamber on the FC 71 is approximately 1.5” (39 mm) long by 0.5” (13 mm) wide by 0.014” (0.34 mm) deep. The flow chamber has recessed wells in the bottom of the flow channel to accomodate test coupon samples. Three different coupon configurations are available.

The FC 71 Coupon Evaluation Flow Cell is constructed in a sandwich of aluminum compression plates, silicone rubber gaskets, and the polycarbonate or anodized aluminum flow channel. The FC 71 Flow Cell has barbed fittings that accomodate size 16 (3 mm ID) tubing. The BST FC 71 Flow Cell uses commercially available microscope coverslips (60 x 24 mm; no. 2) as the viewing window. The use of cover slips as viewing windows combines high quality optical glass, thin dimensions (increases working focal depth into the chamber) and low cost. These viewing windows can be removed and replaced easily between experiments, providing access to the test coupon surfaces.
The FC 71 Flow Cell is provided with a standard, platform-stage microscope mount. Alternate mounting plates are available to mount the flow cell into a 96-well microtiter plate holder that are common on many upright and inverted microscopes. The stage mount allows direct attachment to upright and inverted microscope stages. The FC 71 Coupon Evaluation Flow Cell allows biofilm imaging using transmitted, epi-fluorescence, or confocal microscopy.

- FC71-PC Coupon Evaluation Flow-Cell
- FC71-AL Anodized Aluminum Coupon Evaluation Flow-Cell
for reflected light microscopy, with standard platform stage mount.
includes flow cell, cover slips, spare gaskets, and one set of polycarbonate coupons.
[96-well microtiter-plate stage insert mount available upon request]

Please Specify Flow Cell Type (-PC or -AL) and coupon configuration:
FC71-1x6x25: 1 coupon recess 6 mm x 25 mm x 2 mm deep
FC71-2x0.5: 2 coupon recesses 12.7 mm diameter x 3.8 mm deep
FC71-3x10: 3 coupon recesses 10 mm diameter x 2 mm deep
[Other coupon configurations available upon request]


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