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제 품 명 : Coupon Evaluation Flow Cell - FC 310
제 조 사 : BioSurface
제품코드 : FC310
FC 310 Treatment Imaging Flow Cell

BioSurface Technologies announces a new product in its line of biofilm research tools.

The Model FC 310 Treatment Imaging Flow Cell was designed specifically for the Center for Biofilm Engineering to provide imaging from the top of the biofilm during treatment with biocides, removal agents, and other chemical agents. This unique perspective provides imaging of the irregular biofilm surface as it comes into contact with the treatment chemistry. The small liquid volume of the cell minimizes use of valuable chemical compounds. While this flow cell was designed to provide quick installation and access of the disc coupons, allowing installation of disc coupons with attached biofilm (biofilm grown in the CDC or RDR Biofilm Reactors), it can also be used to image developing biofilms.

The FC 310 Treatment Imaging Flow Cell is machined from polycarbonate plastic and is completely autoclavable and re-useable. The standard influent and effluent connections are nickel-coated brass barbed ports that accommodate size 16 (1/8 inch; 3 mm ID) tubing. Alternate connections are available.

The FC 310 with disc coupon inserted has a liquid volume of approximately 0.4 ml.

Viewing Window
The viewing windows consist of a no.1 ½ thickness, 25 mm diameter, circular cover slip. The glass cover slip viewing window is held in place by a silicone gasket and polycarbonate compression ring that threads quickly into position for a leak-proof seal.

FC 310  Treatment Evaluation Flow Cell, includes 1 polycarbonate disc coupon and 1 ounce 1.5 coverslips
FC 72225  No.1.5, 25 mm Diameter Cover Slip (1 ounce)
FC 375  3-Position Flow Cell Holder/Upright Stage Mount
FC 380  3-Position Flow Cell Holder/Inverted Stage Mount


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