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제 품 명 : ISOLUTE® SLE+, Supported Liquid Extraction
제 조 사 : Biotage
제품코드 : 820-0200-P01
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ISOLUTE SLE+ Instructions
ISOLUTE SLE+ Method Guide
ISOLUTE SLE+ Application
ISOLUTE SLE+ Chemistry Data

Supported Liquid Extraction

Ordering Information
Part Number Description Quantity
820-0200-P01 ISOLUTE SLE+ 200 96-well plate 1
820-0400-P01 ISOLUTE SLE+ 400 96-well plate 1
820-0200-T ISOLUTE SLE+ 200 2mL Array Wells 200 µL 100
820-0400-T ISOLUTE SLE+ 400 2mL Array Wells 400 µL 100
820-0140-C ISOLUTE SLE+ 1 mL Sample Volume 1 mL 30
820-0140-CG ISOLUTE SLE+ 1 mL Sample Volume 1 mL (tab-less) 30
820-0290-D ISOLUTE SLE+ 2 mL Sample Volume 2 mL 20
820-0690-E ISOLUTE SLE+ 5 mL Sample Volume 5 mL 20
820-1420-F ISOLUTE SLE+ 10 mL Sample Volume 10 mL 16

Features and Benefits
• Automation friendly procedure improves productivity – no off-line steps required
• Efficient extraction process maximizes analyte recovery compared to LLE
• Excellent flow characteristics improve reproducibility
• Minimal method development. ISOLUTE SLE+ uses the same solvent systems as LLE allowing direct transfer of methods
• Same clean extracts as LLE – reduced ion suppression leads to improved signal to noise
• Process manually using VacMaster™-96 Sample Processing Manifold or using automated liquid handling systems equipped with a vacuum manifold
• Fixed well plate format is compatible with all common liquid handling systems

Replace expensive traditional SPE and labor intensive LLE methods
ISOLUTE SLE+ Supported Liquid Extraction plates and columns offer an efficient alternative to traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) for bioanalytical sample preparation, extracting up to 400 µL aqueous sample. ISOLUTE SLE+ provides high analyte recoveries, eliminate emulsion formation, and cut sample preparation time in half.

Efficient extraction
Supported-liquid extraction mechanism is very efficient, delivering higher analyte recoveries and cleaner extracts than the equivalent LLE method.

No emulsion formation
Emulsions cannot form because the sample and water immiscible extraction solvent are never in direct contact, preventing contamination and maximizing analyte recovery.

Easy to automate
ISOLUTE SLE+ plates and columns provide an easy-to-automate alternative to traditional liquid-liquid extraction. No manual ‘off-line’ steps (capping/mixing/centrifuge/de-capping) required. All procedural steps can be fully automated with no manual intervention necessary.

Good flow characteristics
The ISOLUTE SLE+ plates and columns are packed with an optimized grade of diatomaceous earth, providing reproducible flow characteristics from well-to-well. Aqueous samples and extraction solvents load evenly across the plate, an important feature for automated sample preparation procedures, where well blockage can lead to loss of valuable samples.

Higher analyte recoveries
High extraction efficiency and elimination of emulsions provide higher analyte recoveries and lower detection limits as seen in Figure 2.

Transferable methods
The water immiscible extraction solvents used in LLE can also be used for ISOLUTE SLE+ procedures. Sample pretreatment conditions are also the same, meaning existing LLE methods are easily transferable to ISOLUTE SLE+, reducing method development time.

SLE in 96-well Plates
Each plate is made up of 96 individual wells, each containing a modified form of diatomaceous earth.

ISOLUTE SLE+ is available in formats suitable for processing from 200 µL to 10 mL.


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