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제 품 명 : ISOLUTE®,CN, non-polar
제 조 사 : Biotage
제품코드 : 420-0010-A
    · 관련자료:ISOLUTE CN MSDS

ISOLUTE® CN (sorbent ref. 420)
Non-polar SPE 
Description: Chemical structure of cyanopropyl silane covalently bonded to the surface of a silica particle.
Average Particle Size: 50 µm (irregular shaped particles)
Nominal Porosity: 60 Å
Sorbent Type Non-Polar
Applications: Extraction from aqueous matrix using both nonpolar interactions (for acidic, neutral and basic compounds) and secondary silanol or ionic interactions (for basic compounds only). Can also be used in polar SPE mode.

Ordering Information
Part Number Description Quantity
  Standard SPE Columns  
420-0010-A ISOLUTE CN 100 mg/1 mL 100
420-0010-B ISOLUTE CN 100 mg/3 mL 50
420-0020-B ISOLUTE CN 200 mg/3 mL 50
420-0050-B ISOLUTE CN 500 mg/3 mL 50
420-0050-C ISOLUTE CN 500 mg/6 mL 30
420-0100-C ISOLUTE CN 1 g/6 mL 30
  ISOLUTE-96 Fixed Well SPE Plates  
420-0025-P01 ISOLUTE-96 CN 25 mg plate 1
420-0100-P01 ISOLUTE-96 CN 100 mg plate 1
  ISOLUTE Array 96-well SPE Wells  
420-0025-R ISOLUTE Array CN 25 mg/1 mL wells 100
420-0100-T ISOLUTE Array CN 100 mg/2 mL wells 100

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