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ǰ : DiagNano Functional Gold Nanoparticles, Chitosan
: CD Creative Diagnostics
ǰڵ : TCGV-1.8


DiagNano Functional Gold Nanoparticles

Creative Diagnostics provides Functional Gold Nanoparticles with different active groups. The carboxyl and amine functional gold nanoparticles are suitable for covalent conjugation of antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids and other ligands by using standard EDC/NHS activation. We also provide NHS-activated gold nanoparticles in a convenient One-Step Conjugation Kit format. The kit enables fast and convenient one-step conjugation of your desired antibody to gold nanoparticles by simple mixing process.





  • Bioconjugation
  • Probes for dark-field microscopy, electron microscopy and near-infrared fluorescent microscopy
  • Immunostaining & Immunochromatography
  • Diagnostics for lateral flow immunoassay
  • Sensors for colorimetric detection and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
  • Drug targeting, delivery and photothermal therapy



ǰ ڼ ǰ ڵ带 ŬϽø ȮϽ ֽϴ
Cat. No.
Absorption Max
Unit Size
TCGV-1.8Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo1.8 nm505-508 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-10Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo10 nm514-520 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-100Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo100 nm569 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-125Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo125 nm600 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-15Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo15 nm514-520 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-150Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo150 nm612 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-2.2Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo2.2 nm505-508 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-20Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo20 nm514-520 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-25Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo25 nm514-520 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-3Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo3 nm505-508 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-30Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo30 nm523 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-35Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo35 nm526 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-4Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo4 nm505-508 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-40Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo40 nm527 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-45Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo45 nm529 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-5Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo5 nm505-508 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-50Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo50 nm531 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-55Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo55 nm533 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-60Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo60 nm536 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-65Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo65 nm539 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-70Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo70 nm542 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-75Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo75 nm545 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-80Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo80 nm549 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-85Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo85 nm553 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-90Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo90 nm558 nmChitosan1 mL
TCGV-95Functional Gold Nanoparticles, In-vivo95 nm563 nmChitosan1 mL



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