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제 품 명 : SMOKE-CHECK™
Smoke Detector Challenge Particles
제 조 사 : Thermo
제품코드 : SD-01
관련자료: SMOKE-CHECK.pdf (30,491 KB)

Smoke Detector Challenge Particles

We have developed a complete testing kit to check the transport time of air sampling smoke detectors as required by the United States

NFPA Standard 72. A suspension of polystyrene particles in high purity water is nebulized using a hand held ultrasonic atomizer to create a mimic of natural smoke, thus eliminating residues caused by traditional oil-based sprays or real smoke.

This makes SMOKE-CHECK especially useful in cleanrooms and other critical environments. The particle size and concentration have been optimized to consistently trigger the smoke detector.

In addition, the particles will not pass through HEPA fi lters, ensuring the integrity of the cleanroom environment.

The Smoke Detector Challenge Kit includes a battery powered portable ultrasonic nebulizer, a draft shield and a 10 mL bottle of particles. Instructions for operating and cleaning the nebulizer are included. Additional bottles of SMOKE-CHECK may be purchased separately.

Particle Composition Polystyrene
Particle Density 1.05 g/cm3
Refractive Index 1.59 @ 589 nm (25° C)
Expiration Date > 24 months
Additives Trace surfactant to inhibit agglomeration

Cat. No. Description.
Smoke Detector Challenge Particles (10 mL)
SD-02 Smoke Detector Challenge Kit
- Nebulizer
- Draft Shield
- Smoke Detector Challenge Particles (10 mL)


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