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제 품 명 : nanomag® -C 자성입자
BioPolymer nano particle - 키토산 chitosan
제 조 사 : micromod
제품코드 : 04-00-502

nanomag® -C 자성입자 키토산 chitosan
Biopolymer particles

Magnetic chitosan nanoparticles (nanomag® -C)
  • prepared via the core-shell method with a core of magnetite and a chitosan shell
  • a diameter of 500 nm and a magnetite content of 75-80%
  • can easily be separated with a conventional permanent magnet
  • have already amino functionalities without any further surface modifications (surface: plain)
Product-No. 04-00-502
Product-Name nanomag® -C
Surface plain
Size 500 nm
Solid content 25 mg/mL
10 mL
Composition chitosan iron oxide composite particles
Polydispersity Index < 0.2
Shape cluster-typed
Density 2.5 g/㎤
Magnetization 52 emu/g iron (H =1000 Oe)
Saturation Magnetization >75 emu/g iron (H > 10.000 Oe)
Coercive Field Hc 0.704 kA/m
Stable in aqueous buffers pH > 4
Not stable in organic solvents, acidic solutions pH < 4
Product Form aqueous suspension
Particles per ml 9.5*10E10
Particles per mg 3.8*10E9
Additional Remarks Storage at 2 - 8°C for 6 months


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