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제 품 명 : EVOLUTE® HYDRO, SPE Plates with Hydrolysis Frits
제 조 사 : Biotage
제품코드 : 600-0010-PZ01
    · 관련자료:Product Note PPS456
Application Note AN886
EVOLUTE User Guide

Ordering Info
Part No Description Unit
600-0010-PZ01 EVOLUTE® HYDRO ABN 10 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
600-0030-PZ01 EVOLUTE® HYDRO ABN 30 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
601-0010-PZ01 EVOLUTE® HYDRO CX 10 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
601-0030-PZ01 EVOLUTE® HYDRO CX 30 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
650-0010-PX01 EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SORBENT SELECTION 10 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
650-0030-PX01 EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SORBENT SELECTION 30 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
121-9620 1 mL (Tabless) Column Holder, VacMaster™-96 1
PPM-A96-CH 1 mL (Tabless) Column Holder, PRESSURE+ 96 1

Solid Phase Extraction Plates with In-Well Hydrolysis Capability
EVOLUTE® HYDRO solid phase extraction plates combine robust, high quality EVOLUTE SPE sorbents with Hydro frit technology, enabling effective in-situ in-well hydrolysis of urine samples. Sample clean-up is performed in the same plate, without the need to transfer samples, saving time and reducing risky sample handling steps.

Streamlined Sample Processing
The plates contain the Hydro frit technology system, which reliably holds up sample and hydrolysis enzyme during incubation at elevated temperatures, and reduces clogging during subsequent clean up steps.

By combining Hydro frit technology with water wettable EVOLUTE sorbents, EVOLUTE HYDRO SPE plates allow the hydrolyzed sample to be loaded directly onto the SPE bed for clean-up. Conditioning and equilibration steps are eliminated, again saving time and reducing costs.

Eliminating the need for off-line hydrolysis leads to significant time saving and reduction of sample handling, reducing potential errors and sample losses.

10 mg formats also allow analyte elution in very low volumes, allowing for no-blow down procedures.

Reduced Processing Time
Compared to traditional SPE procedures, EVOLUTE® HYDRO can reduce sample processing time by 20 minutes for 96 samples.

Automated extraction on Biotage® Extrahera™ using traditional SPE takes 53 minutes for 96 samples. With EVOLUTE® HYDRO this time is reduced to 33 minutes. [30 mg format, using equivalent extraction methodology. Full procedure including hydrolysis, eluent evaporation and reconstitution: 143 mins (traditional SPE) 123 mins (HYDRO SPE)].

No Compromise on Hydrolysis Efficiency
Because the HYDRO frit technology holds all of the sample above the sorbent bed during the hydrolysis process, hydrolysis efficiency when using EVOLUTE HYRO SPE plates is equivalent to off-line hydrolysis under the same conditions. Existing hydrolysis procedures can easily be transferred to EVOLUTE HYDRO SPE plates.

Excellent Sample Clean-up
Whether extracting large multidrug panels or performing more targeted applications, EVOLUTE HYDRO SPE plates remove matrix components and residual hydrolysis enzyme, leading to cleaner extracts and reduced matrix effects in LC-MS/MS.


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