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제 품 명 : EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN, polymer-based SPE
제 조 사 : Biotage
제품코드 : 600-0001-AXG
    · 관련자료:EVOLUTE User Guide

Ordering Info
Part No Description Unit
600-0001-AXG EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN 10 mg/1 mL (Tabless) 100
600-0003-AXG EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN 30 mg/1 mL (Tabless) 100
600-0010-PX01 EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN 10 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
600-0030-PX01 EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN 30 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
610-0006-BXG EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN 60 mg/3 mL (Tabless) 50
610-0010-BXG EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN 100 mg/3 mL (Tabless) 50
610-0015-CXG EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN 150 mg/6 mL (Tabless) 30
610-0050-CXG EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN 500 mg/6 mL (Tabless) 30
650-0010-PX01 EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SORBENT SELECTION 10 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
650-0030-PX01 EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SORBENT SELECTION 30 mg Fixed Well Plate 1
121-9620 1 mL (Tabless) Column Holder, VacMaster™-96 1
PPM-A96-CH 1 mL (Tabless) Column Holder, PRESSURE+ 96 1

Technical Sepcifications
Chemical description Water wettable polystyrene-divinylbenzene incorporating non-ionisable hydroxyl groups
Sorbent type Reversed phase (non-polar), wettable, with no secondary interactions
Average particle size 30 µm, 50 µm
Pore Diameter 40 Å

Advanced Polymeric SPE for Acidic, Basic and Neutral Analytes
EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN is a modified PS-DVB polymeric SPE phase for extraction of acidic, basic and neutral analytes. It's unique modified surface structure is water-wettable to promote robust, reliable sample preparation. A balanced combination of polar (hydrophilic) and non-polar (hydrophobic) interactions allows efficient extraction of analytes of wide ranging polarity. Available in a variety of formats, including modular and 96-well plates and SPE columns, EVOLUTE® ABN is versatile and easy to use for applications ranging from drugs in biological fluids to pharmaceuticals in water.

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN sorbent is available in EVOLUTE® EXPRESS 96-well plate and column formats for use with fast Load-Wash-Elute procedures. Eliminate traditional conditioning and equilibration and increase throughput without compromising performance.

Load-Wash-Elute SPE Columns & Plates
EVOLUTE® EXPRESS represents a leap forward in high throughput solid phase extraction. The EVOLUTE EXPRESS range of SPE columns and 96-well plates combine powerful EVOLUTE sorbent chemistry with innovative features that enhance productivity. With improved flow-through characteristics and by eliminating the need for conditioning and equilibration, samples can be prepared much faster using the simplified Load-Wash-Elute procedure.

Fast & Efficient Flow Rates EVOLUTE® EXPRESS products dramatically improve flow characteristics and enhance sample preparation productivity. Flow rates are fast and consistent even when loading aqueous biological fluid sample directly onto a dry column.

Reproducibility is Key Specially treated inert, hydrophilic frits, water wettable polymeric EVOLUTE sorbents and the exact dimensions and packing techniques all work together to give you extremely consistent results, batch to batch.

No more Conditioning or Equilibration with the Load-Wash-Elute Procedure Processing samples using EVOLUTE® EXPRESS columns or plates with a simplified Load-Wash-Elute procedure can increase productivity by eliminating the need for the conditioning and equilibration steps. This is made possible due to the combination of the water wettable EVOLUTE® sorbents and the aqueous compatible plate components incorporated in EVOLUTE® EXPRESS.
For most applications the Load-Wash-Elute procedure gives the same high analyte recoveries and low variability as standard SPE but can reduce processing time by one third.

STANDARD SPE Procedure EVOLUTE® EXPRESS Load-Wash-Elute Procedure
Condition Not required
Equilibrate Not required
Load Load
Wash Wash
Elute Elute


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